The myExperience App

User experience measurement on mobile devices



Seamlessly measure and troubleshoot user experience of mobile services through the myExperience application. Find network pain points that significantly impact customer experience and take proactive steps to resolve them.



Crowdsource customer experience from consumers of all operators using the mvExperience application. Measure and analyze performance of network providers to ensure that they meet minimum service requirements. Allow consumers to provide feedback directly to the regulator proactively.


App Developers

Use the myExperience SDK to measure and analyze the performance of your application across users, networks, technologies, devices, locations and more. Identify gaps in customer experience and resolve them to maximize application uptake and usage. Use the application SDK to perform AB testing of features and find out which features consumers adopt faster.

Multiple User Tests

Allow users to initiate multiple test such as Download and Upload, Video Streaming, Web Browsing, VoiP Google Maps etc.

Automated Background Tests

Service tests can be configured to execute automatically at predefined times on consumer handsets without user initiation

Personal Result Dashboard & Reporting

In-App reporting of personal test results available to each user

Passive Data Experience Collection

Background (Android only) collection and reporting of experience KPIs such as coverage, quality and service KPIs while user is consuming data service

C-Sat, Report an issue & NPS Feedback

Users can submit issues, C-Sat Ratings or NPS scores via the application. Along with user feedback, Experience information at the time of feedback is also captured

SDK Integration

Pick and choose which measurement features to integrate into your own application

Service KPIs

Service KPI such as accessibility, throughput, resolution, browsing delay, navigation delay etc. will be captured

Radio KPIs

Along with service KPIs, radio KPIs such as coverage, Quality and technology will also be captured*

Network Details

The identification of the service network node such as Cell ID, PSC, MCC, MNC, IP etc. will be captured

Device Details

The details about the measuring device such as Manufacturer, OS, Model No, Version No etc will also be captured

Time & Location Details

The Date, time as well as GPS location will be recorded for each sample

Application Details

A detailed application usage profile along with time, duration and type of access along with experience in various conditions and for various user instances will be captured