How RedMango solutions helped the telecom regulator in the world’s 2nd largest market measure and evaluate customer experience.


In a fast paced, ever changing market like India, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) wanted a way to measure and evaluate the mobile broadband speeds that telecom service providers across India provide their subscribers.

RedMango Analytics teamed up with TRAI to launch the TRAI MySpeed Application that helps consumers measure the quality of mobile broadband internet and report the results to TRAI. The reported results are analyzed using the RedMango Big Data analytics solution to power the consumer analytics portal that helps consumers as well as TRAI understand mobile broadband connectivity & quality across the nation.

Case Presentation

The Key requirements were to -

  • Provide a way for telecom data subscribers to measure the data speeds that their service providers is serving them.
  • Provide a way for consumers to report data speeds to the regulator
  • Provide a mechanism for consumers to evaluate and compare data speeds of various service providers across the country and choose the best service provider for their needs.
  • Build a big data analytics solution so that TRAI can monitor and evaluate the quality of mobile broadband internet across India
  • Provide a solution that allows custom analytics on the collected data to provide more insights that help TRAI in making policy and regulatory decisions.
  • Outcome

    The TRAI MySpeed Application and Platform were a resounding success with over 5 Million downloads on the application stores with a higher than 4 star rating.

    Over 5 million application downloads and over a billion samples collected with 5000 users being added everyday.

    All major areas of the country covered with data samples being collected at a fast rate. Samples collected from across the country to show the accessibility of 2G, 3G and 4G technologies.