RedMango offers RAN solutions to Measure, Analyze and Enhance customer experience, which along with below core solution provides end to end visibility into network enhancement.

We offer solutions from Rich Communication (Messaging), Business messaging to Enrich calling (Voice/ Video) through suite of products like,

    • IP Multimedia System (IMS)
    • 5G Messaging
    • Rich Business messaging
    • RCS
    • Evolved Packet core (EPC)
    • IP SMS
    • VAS
    • IoT core

Our services are for Mobile network (3G, 4G LTE, 5G, Fixed), Private & Safety Network for Enterprise (VoLTE, ViLTE, Wi-Fi) & IoT providers for connecting its Users across Telecom network, Chatbot, Social, Web, IoT devices seamlessly.

Our excellence in innovation and product design assures sustainable futuristic value. Our experience synergizes best of Telecommunication, Enterprise, Artificial intelligence, Cloud, Information technology to enable quick GTM, Optimal Cost, Usability & Technology to its customers.

Communication Products Portfolio


IMS – IP Multimedia Sub System

    • CSCF - Call Session Control Function
    • TAS - Telephony Application Server
    • MRF – Media Resource Function
    • BGCF/MGCF – Gateway Control Function
    • SBC – Session Border Controller

RCS – Rich Communication Service

    • IProvisioning/Presence/XDMS / Conversation/Video
    • RCS/WebRTC Client for Android

EPC – Evolved Packet Core (5G – Q1‘22)

    • PGW - Packet Gateway
    • SGW – Serving Gateway
    • MME - Mobility Management Entity

INI – Integrated Network Intelligence

    • RPC – Real time Packet Capture
    • CNA – AI based Core Network analytics

RBM – RICH Business Messaging

    • Messaging as a Platform (MaaP)
    • BoT Integration Platform
    • Rich Content Manager


    • USSI
    • Audio / Video RBT
    • Voice Mail & Video Mail Service
    • Enhanced Media – IVR
    • IP SM GW

Unified Cloud Communications (UCC)

    • Enterprise Conference system
    • WebRTC Client for native browser
    • Partner enabled HD H/W Ecosystem

Over the Top platform (iOS, Android)

    • Rich VoIP calling, conferencing and messaging platform
    • Content delivery Network for Live, Hosted video/audio data.

Network in a Box / WIFI / WiMAX Network

    • End to End VoLTE or IP based Network rollout
    • Partnered Radius, EPDG, TWAG, eNodeB, NG RAN, SDWAN

HSS lite – Home subscriber Server


PCRF – Policy and Charging Rules Function