The RedMango Way

Initiative Goals:

    • Increase ARPU & adoption
    • Reduce Churn
    • Increase Customer Satisfaction
    • Improve Brand Loyalty

What to expect from the RedMango Initiative design processes:

    • Increase in revenue and costs saving from a number of CEM programmes
    • Quick action with clearly measured results
    • The ability to become as independent as required
    • A programme of innovation and an increase in speed to market
    • Professional, easy to work with group of people that have your customer’s best interest in mind


Audit Customer experience using the RedMango CE scale to identify strengths & weaknesses in Customer experience


Improve customer experience across measured touchpoints through drill down analysis & dashboards


Turn Superior customer experience into an asset using CE based brand messaging


Design initiatives to turn customer experience gains into revenues through sandboxing


Implement initiatives and track progress to achieve ROI