Find your sweet spot

Use the RedMango myExperience analytics and reporting engine to find actionable insights from any data. The Analytics & Reporting engine adds crucial intelligence to the myExperience platform and allows users to design and execute custom analytics that finds insights faster.

Faster Insights

The RedMango Analytics Solution is designed to populate near real-time dashboards with information that helps drive action.

The Insights are driven by a 3-Step process that is customized to provide a true picture of the data QoS

Compatible with external data sources

The RedMango Analytics Solution is designed to work with data sources that are additional to the data received from the RedMango Applications and devices.

The Solution can accept various external data such as demographic & Network topography data

Benchmark Data Experience

Consumers can benchmark data experience across multiple operators

Localized Experience

Operators can find out the data experience available in each locale

Data Experience Trends

Operators can see Daily / Monthly / Quaterly Trends in Data experience

Feedback Map

Operators can view the feedback provided by other consumers in their area

Report Publishing

The operator will have the capability to publish periodic analysis

Mobile & Broadband QoS

The unified portal can provide consumers with information about the data experience of both Mobile and Broadband ISPs

Track ISP Performance

Measure and monitor the data experience provided by all ISPs

Compare Device Performance

Compare the data experience of users across various OS and Devices

Benchmarking Analysis

Compare and publish the data experience across various ISPs in each region / city/ area

Set Qos Thresholds

Set and modify thresholds for Data experience provided to Consumers

Perform Custom Analysis

Perform Cross Correlational analysis with service KPIs, Coverage, Quality, Device and other variables to analyze ISP performance and identify policy measures to be implemented to improve customer experience of data services across the country

Filter & Sanitize

Operator, Technology, Parameter, KPI, Top ISPs, All ISPs, Date & Time. Remove errorneous results.


Classify Samples based on criteria such as location, region, service, file size, session time etc.


Aggregate samples based on average or weighted averages into Bins based on geography, device, users, technology, parameters etc.

Cross - Correlate

Perform Pivot analysis to extract insights from data. For e.g. find date speed served at various coverage levels


Measure QoS over time

Users / User Groups

Analyze QoS for particular group of users


Analyze QoS for a single operator or benchmark against all operators


Compare QoS based on device manufacturer, type, OS & Model No.


Analyze regions for the country,region, city, district or locality. Analyze QoS based on regions of varying geographical sizes.

Time Periods

Measure Qos for last day, week, month, quarter or year


View Qos for all poor coverage / quality / technology samples


Identify instances of poor Qos for each service such as Web Browsing or Video Streaming


Find out how good 2G / 3G / 4G Qos is