The RedMango myExperience Platform

Nothing is more terrible than action without insight

User experience drives everything - Which is why the RedMango myExperience platform is designed to provide the deepest insights into user experience on mobile. Global mobile data traffic grew 63% in 2016 to 7 Exabytes per month. Thanks to continued growth in the number of mobile phone users, mobile video, 4G networks and the Internet of Things, global mobile data traffic should increase seven-fold from 2016 to 2021. With these forecasts, User experience on mobile devices will become the driving factor behind the growth of all things internet.

The myExperience platform collects user experience data from a wide variety of sources and correlates them with system performance & demographics that influence good user experience on mobile devices. Our proprietary patented analytics algorithms help various stakeholders in user experience identify issues, remove bottlenecks, develop new features, monitor the competition and allocate spending and resources wisely to maximize the impact on user experience. We find insights and drive action. Read onto see how we do it.


The RedMango myExperience Platform has a scalable architecture that allows for on-the-fly scaling up of solutions to support more data and analytics without any interruption of service.


The myExperience Platform can integrate multiple data sources and formats through out proprietary plugins and converters that can schedule and completely automate data ingestion from Telecom, IoT and Smart City platforms.


The myExperience Platform can be programmed to perform and integrate additional custom analytics based on Algorithms that can be easily designed and automated.


The myExperience Platform has RedMango's proprietary GIS based Analytics engine incorporated into it. Visual representation of data using 3rd party GIS solutions such as Google maps, map box or open street maps is a breeze.


The analytics engine of the RedMango myExperience Platform supports seamless integration with 3rd party BI tools and reports such as Tableau, Pentaho, Business Objects etc. Bring your own reporting infrastructure that you are familiar with or work with us to design your own custom reporting platform from scratch.

Cost Effective

Don't need a local platform? - Use RedMango's syndicated cloud to quickly deploy and begin getting unmatched analytics and insights cheaply.

myExperience Solutions for Telecom

The RedMango myExperience Platform provides operators with the most exhaustive non-invasive customer experience measurement & analytics solutions. We help operators identify gaps in the customer experience and provide insights and automated workflows to improve them.

Our Solutions for Operators include

  • myExperience - Customer Experience measurement, analytics and competitive Benchmarking
  • myFeedback - Automated Customer Complaint Resolution
  • myCoverage - Automated Coverage Analytics

The RedMango myExperience Platform provides regulators with insights on what consumers experience and how service providers meet regulatory obligations to roll-out optimal services for the entire population. It also allows regulators to implement transparency by enabling of information sharing with consumers and allowing them to make informed choices regarding service providers.

Our Solutions for Regulators include

  • mySpeed - Crowdsourced consumer experience data collection, analysis, benchmarking and dissemination

The RedMango myExperience Platform provides App developers with a complete SDK and plugin suite to enable them to measure the customer experience of their Apps on various devices, platforms, networks, locations, technologies and more. App developers can now analyze App performance in real time and optimize application performance based on the application usage by their subscribers. The myExperience platform also allows App developers to compare the performance of their subscribers. The myExperience platform also allows App developers to compare the performance of their app against other similar applications across similar demographics. No need to build your own analytics suite. Plug and play the myExperience SDK and receive application insights instantly with a no hassles subscription model.

Our Solutions for App Developers include

  • myApp - App analytics SDK with Realtime online reporting and competitive insights.

The RedMango myExperience Platform provides marketers with insights on user behavior. It allows marketers to measure and analyze the impact of marketing and branding campaigns on user perception and behavior. It can also measure the change in uptake of services in response to targeted marketing campaigns. Our competitive user behavior insights allows marketers to design campaigns that can help users clearly differentiate their value proposition among the chaos of highly competitive environments.

Our Solutions for Marketers include

  • myUser - Crowdsourced consumer behavior data collection, analysis and benchmarking along with campaign based user insights.

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