In today's competitive market enterprises increasingly rely on cloud based architecture to host their data, applications and services. Hence broadband service providers are under increasing pressure to ensure that these clients receive the best uninterrupted broadband experience that they pay for. In order to help service providers with these requirements, RedMango Analytics introduces it’s automated broadband test & measurement solution – Pulse Probe & Net Pulse

Pulse Probe is the primary device performing the automated test. It is a standalone plug-and-play device based platform that connects seamlessly with all commercially available routers. This device can be remotely configured to either test connection speed and integrity at predefined intervals, or to monitor the connection continuously.

Net pulse is a mobile application which works in collaboration with the Pulse Probe. Net pulse performs three test - phone to router, phone to internet & router to internet. Each test is designed to give accurate results and pin-point the root cause for poor broadband speed.

Begin Test: Get accurate test results of your network speed within seconds of clicking on "Begin Test"

Perform 3 test simultaneously with Net Pulse

  • Phone to router
  • Phone to internet
  • Router to internet

Results: Get instant results of all 3 test (Phone to router, Phone to internet & Router to internet) performed with insights on where exactly the data throughput performance is deteriorating.

Share: Easily share your test results

Automated Broadband Test & Measurement Solution - Pulse Probe

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