With advancement of Technology, Customer’s experience has shifted from Call Drops to Call Mutes. To combat Call Mute issues, RedMango Analytics has devised a solution which will measure Customer perceived mutes.

What Voice Analyzer offers:

  • It is complete Voice Mute detection solution
  • It is independent of the Technologies i.e; 2G/3G/VoLTE
  • It is device OS independent i.e; iOS/Android/Feature device

Voice Analyzer Value for Customer:

  • It works as a probe
  • It provides exact Call Mute locations with Network Details
  • It is Modular with Battery backup of 8 to 10 Hrs.


  • Fully automated with configurable scripts from backend.
  • Device/OS Independent, enables conducting handset benchmarking.
  • Capable of measuring Mute experience in downlink direction. Uplink mute measurement functionality is in roadmap.
  • Capable of collecting radio parameters.

Mute instances detection based on smart algorithm

Cross-correlation of mute locations with radio parameters

Other user experience KPIs like block & drop call rate, call connect time, time spent on technology

Aside graph represents total mute duration /call

Maximum number of mute calls has total mute duration of < 4 sec

Most of the Mute calls were observed in low SINR areas

Areas where coverage/quality is good and still mute is observed, needs to be investigated from backhaul network point of view.

RedMango Analytic’s Solution to Combat Call Mute issues – Voice Analyzer

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