Just like a doctor measures a patients’ pulse to determine the next course of treatment, Pulse, as its name suggests, measures the pulse of any telecom network to help determine the best course of improvement.

Pulse is the next generation of probes. It is a self-learning intelligent software, where the front end is designed to sit on any smart handset available in the market, giving the flexibility of not only testing the network but also testing different handsets’ performance on the network. The backend uses big-data and self-learning algorithms to analyze the data captured and provide, probable causes of poor network experience along with best course of action for correction.

Decode your network … PULSE !!!

PULSE … A Complete Solution : Application & Dashboard

Register your probe and get started. Choose from the variety of test options and begin test. Deploy the probes at locations of your choice and check the pulse of your network smartly analysed on your dashboard. The Dashboard is also able to remotely configure and monitor tests. The Dashboard provides a very easy to understand graphical interpretation which enables you to check your network in realtime as well as equip one to make managerial and ground level decisions to improve customer experience.