The RedMango Analytics

It all began not too long ago, just in 2014 when we, a small bunch of enthusiasts thought to set up a platform to transform ideas into life. We are a constantly evolving and growing team of innovators who are set to explore possibilities and deliver solutions. We work towards bringing ease and convenience to your life with a blend of traditional and our proprietary technological solutions. We aim to enhance customer management experience by leveraging our exhaustive experience in the customer experience domain. We are entrepreneurs that will help transform digital India onto a truly global platform.

Our solutions are currently deployed in the telecom industry wherein we help enhance the network of our clients from a customer experience point of view. In any industry resources are always limited, we provide the expertise to guide our clients where their limited resources can deliver maximum ROI. Our solutions are a ready fit for any industry to understand customer behaviour patterns and our proprietary solutions can assist accelerate growth. Be it managing and optimising your day to day processes or making key decisions, we bring a new perspective to your work place.