Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us

RedMango has a zero tolerance policy towards breach of user privacy. All RedMango applications are built to ensure 100% protection of user privacy.

The same is with our coco-cash application. This application does not capture any user specific information. It captures gaming statistics to maintain your gaming score. This application uses cellular data during each level, ranging from 10MB to 50MB for each level, as the level goes higher. The application captures your network information while playing the game in order to ensure good connectivity during playing the game. One of the reasons this is done, is to prevent any data break, if and when gaming rewards are being transferred to user accounts.

This application is built with the capability of transferring real Indian Rupees / its equivalent to winners of the games. Owing to this there is very high security implemented in the application, which does not allow its use on wifi networks, owing to possible breach of data security over wifi. Currently the application is configured to use PayTM wallet to transfer user rewards. This is the same reason this application captures mobile number, in order to transfer the gaming rewards to the users PayTM account. As and when we find better ways to do the same, we will upgrade the application to not require mobile number verification also.

This application captures user experience (again without capturing any user specific data), in order to enhance overall useability of the application.

All terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.