Network Rollout and Optimization

Automated Complaints

Users that do complain, overwhelmingly use calling customer care as a method of complaining.

Most users do not complain and may simply churn instead.

What happens when a customer complains about the network?

A customer care executive asks the user for details about the problem.

A typical customer care call for a network lasts about 3-5 Mins.

The value adds are clear!

The RedMango experience me application changes
the way the customer perceives the operator

Typical process for customer complaints

  • Customer complains
  • Customer care forwards case to network team
  • Network team performs remote optimization
  • Engineer visits location to identify problem if not solved
  • Analysis and optimization
  • Engineer visits again to verify resolution
  • Verification of resolution

The RedMango Streamlined Process

  • Customer complains
  • Send link with test app to customer
  • Customer tests experience on own phone
  • Test results uploaded automatically to central server
  • Remote analysis & optimization by central team
  • Customer tests again to verify resolution
100% reduction in errors
Up to 60% more likely to be convinced of the resolution
Up to 30% less MTTR
Up to 50% cost reduction

Proactive Churn Prediction / Marketing Algorithms

When is the right time to up-sell to a customer?

The capture of User experience and behavior allows RedMango to identify business and marketing opportunities as well as predict user demand and address potential issues before they become hot.

Churn Prediction
Cross - Sell Opportunity Analysis
Up-Sell opportunity Analysis
Proactive Customer grievance resolution

Proactive Experience
Improvement Campaigns

Automated workflow based dashboards
to track and resolve customer
experience issues proactively

  • Track multiple KPIs on a live dashboard
  • Automated identification of issues & workflow assignment
  • Predictive Analysis of customer experience KPIs based on patented algorithms
  • Competitive Analysis through additional data plugging
  • Cloud based platform - no installation required

Network Related Brand, Experience & Perception Management

The RedMango application Dashboard has insights for Marketing, Business, Customer Care & Networks

The RedMango Dashboard performs correlation analysis with other data samples such as :

  • Network KPIs
  • Network Data
  • Marketing Surveys
  • C-Sat & NPS surveys

Make decisions based on need - Improve experience or Perception based on the difference in index between the two.

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

OHS Policy


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