Millennial Girls: Apps Every Girl Should Have On Her Phone

Apps every girl should have on her phone

Between personal upkeep, work and your social life, being a millennial woman is hard. We need all the assistance we can get. And since it’s not always possible to hire personal assistants. The easiest way is to turn to our next best friend — our smartphones — to keep us organized and on top of the game.

Our smartphones travel with us everywhere and anywhere be it around the world or a walk in the backyard or even the restroom at times. So why not use them to our benefit and as an un-paid assistant cum best friend.

To put our smart assistant aka smart phones to best use, we need to equip it with best tools. Tools are the commonly found and mostly free applications.  I am going to tell you about some of the app that we must-have in our phones to keep us going and be the boss lady we all are. These genius apps will turn your smartphone into the sidekick you’ve always wanted. You’ll be able to conquer everything, from shopping to organizing, with these extremely most useful apps in daily life for your phone.

Here are the 9 apps every Millennial woman needs to download now.

1. Price comparison app

These app lets you compare prices on a specific item by searching them online and bringing forward the best deal available. These app do all the research and hard work for you, so you always feel like you’re getting the best deal.

2. Women Health centric App

These women health apps are a must for you as it calculates and predicts your period cycle, keeps track of your ovulation and also reminds you to take your birth control pills. Forgetting to take your birth control pill three days in a row is a scenario you surely have no intentions of experiencing; Protection for protection because you can never be too safe in this world.

3. Styling App

These apps are great as you can take photos of your cloths, organize your closet, and plan your outfit ahead of time, which is the most time consuming task every morning when you are in a hurry to rush out. It also solves the problem of “I have nothing to wear”. Surprise people you meet with your next-level dressing.

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4. Finance calculator and organizing app

Despite receiving your paycheck on a Monday, after the weekend has passed, you’re still left feeling like, “Where did all my money go?” These apps help to organizes and categorizes all your finances into one place to make budgeting and saving so much easier.

5. Grocery shopping apps

It’s sad but it’s the true reality of our life that when it comes to Food shopping it stresses us out. But not anymore. These online grocery shopping apps help you organize your list of must-have, give you a reminder of things that need to be purchased based on your previous shopping bag, and also gives you the calorie count of all the food items you have purchased. Why are we not into these apps yet?

6. Fitness Training Apps

There are tons of free fitness apps out there that are quite as high-tech, effective, and easy-to-use. These apps act as the portable personal trainer you’ve always wanted but couldn’t afford.

7. Internet Speed Testing App

Aren’t we all endlessly scrolling through our feeds or working on our phone while sitting in a cab as we rush to work or make video calls. The Internet is such a huge part of our lives, without which we feel we have landed in the Stone Age. This internet speed test app lets you test your internet connection speed on your phone or laptop at your current location.

8. News App

With everything happening around, a personalized board with the current news in which you can choose your topics of interest is so important. These apps provide online news updates on all the subjects you care about in one place, making it easier to stay informed.

9. Women’s Safety App

In today’s day and age when we work so hard or party even harder, it’s important to stay safe and connected to our circle of trust. That’s where these apps come into play. This Women Safety app is equipped with a one-touch emergency button, which you can press in case you are in a tricky situation.

Women Safety App

So here are a few categories of app I believe every Millennial Girls needs to have installed on her smartphone. I personally use these apps on a day to day bases. Women safety app has always been like a guardian angel with me as it makes me feel secure. As my work has always been online being able to test my internet speed has made it so much easy for me to plan my meeting and work.

If you know of any more such great apps or if you use any of these- share with us your experience and your feedback in the comment below.

Millennial Girls: Apps Every Girl Should Have On Her Phone

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