How to check internet speed on Amazon FireStick

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If your Amazon Fire Stick or Fire Tv has been buffering slow lately, and you want to know why so, an ideal place to begin would be by performing an internet speed test.

This will tell you the quality and speed of your internet signal to your FireStick itself. Here is How to check internet speed on Amazon fire tv.

Here is an easy way you can check your WiFi Signal Strength.

Once you have started up your Amazon Fire Stick you can select Settings from the top right of the menu.

Once you are inside the settings menu, select theNetworkoption

Once you have selected the network feature, you will get the option to select a network, where you will select your WiFi network. Most probably, this will already be selected. If you don’t remember your WiFi network’s name, you can check which network your mobile, desktop, laptop, ipad or any other devices that are connected to your network.

Once your network is selected, you check the WiFi Signal Strength on the right of the screen. 

The Ideal Signal Strength for hassle free streaming would be Good to Very Good. If however your signal strength is either Fair, Poor or Weak, then you consider upgrading your internet plan with your internet service provider (ISP).

If you want to find out exactly how fast your internet speed is on your Firestick, you can do a speed test by the Internet Speed Test App for Amazon FireStick. You can download the app by following a few simple steps.

Here are the steps:

1. Once you are on the Home screen of your FireStick, make sure to go to the search option on the top left hand corner of your Home screen as shown below.

test internet speed on firestick

2. After clicking on the search button, you can either type in something like ‘Internet speed test’ or hold the mike button and speak the words ‘Internet Speed Test”

4. Once the search results are displayed, proceed by clicking the app Internet Speed Test, after which you will also get the option to download the app, which is available for free.

5. Download the app and then wait for the app to install

how to test internet speed on firestick

6. Once the Internet Speed Test App for your Amazon Fire Tv has been installed, proceed by opening the app and clicking on the Start Test button in the centre of your screen.

8. while you wait for the results you can notice that the Internet Speed Test not only shows you the download speed and upload speed but also the quality of video that you would be able to stream based on your Internet speed and stability.

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Q. What is the minimum internet speed for Amazon fire tv?

We recommend that you have a download internet speed of at least 25 Mbps to stream 4K video. To stream High-Definition video, you only need about 8 Mbps.

However, it’s quite important for you to know that the more devices you have connected to the same network, the higher your download speed needs to be in order to be able to use all the devices simultaneously. So, if you would like to be able to watch a 4K movie on your FireStick while browsing Social Media or the Internet on your smartphone, it is recommended that you have a download internet speed higher than 25 Mbps. Otherwise, in most probability your web pages will take a long time to open, or you might experience buffering issues or both.

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