Intelligent Passive Audio Call Quality Monitoring


Intelligent Passive Audio Call Quality Monitoring


My Etoken - Application for Customer & Vendor.

We are delighted to design and development of an e-token application for users. This application has been specifically tailored to help customers avoid long queues during the ongoing pandemic, ensuring a safe and convenient experience for all.

Our primary goal was to create an intuitive and efficient mobile application that enables customers to schedule appointments or obtain e-tokens for their desired services remotely. We recognized the importance of prioritizing safety and convenience during these challenging times, and our team has worked diligently to create a solution that addresses these concerns.

Throughout the development process, we focused on designing a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of acquiring e-tokens and scheduling appointments. We incorporated clear and intuitive navigation, ensuring that customers can easily access the services they need without any confusion or complications.

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E-Token Application.

My E-Token: Vendor acts as a bridge between vendor and customer. It eases the entire purchase/service availing experience and helps maintain distance.

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My E-Token : Vendor

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