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Satark India - A Women Safety App

Satark India - Live Free is the most simple, smart and easy way to call for help. Satark India gives you the freedom to venture out in life wherever you want and yet keeps you always connected to your safety network - your loved ones.

Now a day’s women safety in India has become a great concern for families and friends. many times women feel that they don’t have the privilege to live freely and are often barred from going out beyond a specific time or area alone; simply because their loved ones feel the need to protect them. Not only women but often even the elderly feel it is unsafe to go out alone with the fear in mind to be unable to reach out for help in case of any mishap or emergency.

To bring an end to such fears and worries, we have developed a women safety app i.e ‘’SATARK INDIA’’, an app made in India.


Satark India Application.

All you need to do is to install the app on mobile and add the contact details of your loved ones or your close circle to whom you would want to be alerted in times of need.

Once done your personalized security network is set for you.

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