MySpeed Website

MySpeed is an accurate measure of speed you experience while browsing the internet. It helps you to check your Download and Upload speed, with that is also gives you stats of Network delay and Network Reliability.

While many other speed test websites only measure speed up to your Internet Service Provider, which may not always be an accurate measure because your internet server provider may not have enough backend bandwidth to provide you with the same internet speed experience. The MySpeed Portal ensures your speed is measured with Servers outside your country of test to be able to accurately capture your True Worldwide Internet Speed.

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Product Features

Adaptation to All Devices

MySpeed is fully responsive website. The most advantageous elements of the website is that it's deliver a pleasant user experience across a wide range of devices, regardless of their screen sizes.

Open Support For All Browsers

The Website is compatible with all the browsers, which is the significant and advantageous aspect of responsive website. As we all know, the better a website's compatibility with search engines, the bigger its visibility. These visibility will drive more traffic to your site, increasing your income graph.

Low Cost & Easy Maintenance

The responsive website eventually reduced the cost factor while also making maintenance easier. Long-term flawless flow of the website makes it resistant to unseen defects. It will reduce the cost of maintenance.

More Sale & Higher Conversation

During the search of the user the site will behave just like their preference and than this will let user to stay on the site. The user friendly behavior of the site will lead to higher conversation rates.

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