Intelligent Passive Audio Call Quality Monitoring


Intelligent Passive Audio Call Quality Monitoring


Wordict Website

We have designed and developed a word gaming website called Wordict for users. It has been an exciting and creative journey to create a captivating platform that offers enjoyable and engaging word games for users of all ages.

Our primary goal was to design a website that provides a fun and immersive word gaming experience while ensuring ease of use and accessibility. We understood the importance of creating an intuitive and visually appealing interface that sparks users' curiosity and encourages them to explore the world of words.

Throughout the development process, we focused on creating a visually engaging and responsive website that captivates users from the moment they land on the homepage. We employed vibrant colors, playful graphics, and an intuitive layout to create an inviting atmosphere for players.

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Product Features

Adaptation to All Devices

Wordict is fully responsive website. The most advantageous elements of the website is that it's deliver a pleasant user experience across a wide range of devices, regardless of their screen sizes.

Open Support For All Browsers

The Website is compatible with all the browsers, which is the significant and advantageous aspect of responsive website. As we all know, the better a website's compatibility with search engines, the bigger its visibility. These visibility will drive more traffic to your site, increasing your income graph.

Low Cost & Easy Maintenance

The responsive website eventually reduced the cost factor while also making maintenance easier. Long-term flawless flow of the website makes it resistant to unseen defects. It will reduce the cost of maintenance.

More Sale & Higher Conversation

During the search of the user the site will behave just like their preference and than this will let user to stay on the site. The user friendly behavior of the site will lead to higher conversation rates.

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